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Here are some things I’ve written recently. 

Tim and Eric Think It’s Scary That People Get Their Faces Tattooed on Their Bodies: An interview with Tim and Eric that includes images of my friends beautiful/hideous matching T&E-themed tattoos. 

What’s In An Ending?: An essay about the weird emphasis we put on television series endings, and why maybe that isn’t such a good thing. 

"Memphis" Star Willis Earl Beal Waxes Poetic on Life, the Blues, and Everything: A long-ish interview with singer/songwriter Willis Earl Beal that gets mildly existential. 

James Franco Talks “Kink,” His New Documentary About the Infamous BDSM Adult Film Company: Pretty much what the title says. It’s an interview with James Franco about porn. 

Premiere: Helado Negro — “Invisible Heartbeat”: I wrote up the premiere of a Helado Negro’s new video. I always love Roberto’s stuff, and this one is particularly beautiful. 

Had the pleasure of contributing to International Tapes many times over the years and count Luke as a great friend. May it live long in its new iteration and continue to inspire the curious among us to search out music from the furthest edges of the known universe: 


Hi, Luke here. I’m the Editor of International Tapes. Welcome to our new digital home.

If you are thinking something like, “Yes, I’m glad you’re back!” then thanks, it’s good to be here. If you’re wondering, “Wait, who the hell are you?” or “Where the hell have you been?” then I have answers for you below.

What to expect now

After 4 years of writing about found tapes, albums, videos, and tracks, we’re going to focus on continuing our mixtape series and our weekly show on Newtown Radio, featuring co-host Tim Hodgin and very special guests. As always, we’re going to keep our ears and energies focused on bringing you the out of the way, unexpected and the pop/not so pop sounds we think are important.

What you can do

Want to make us a mix? Want us to play your music on the show? Want to stop by Newtown Radio if you’re in Brooklyn? Email us at internationaltapescontact [at], please. Talk soon! Onwards!

Looking back

It wouldn’t be appropriate to open a new chapter without examining the old one. International Tapes has had the privilege of supporting a huge, diverse array of artists and bands from around the world. That gets mentioned first, because that’s what we’ve always tried to put first. 

In the course of that, we’ve evolved what we do, over and over. When I joined International Tapes as a contributor, founder Ric Leichtung was starting to look beyond the found bodega cassettes, obscure YouTube finds, and artist mixtapes that cast Intl as a “blog for lost music,” along the lines of Awesome Tapes from Africa, (RIP) or the early days of the WFMU blog. Pretty soon after, we started doing full length cassette reviews and found ourselves part of the loose community of artists and labels that would eventually spark the current cassette revival. From there, we quickly turned into track reviews, and then things got crazy. More on that later.

In the course of editing and writing for the blog, I’ve also had the chance to involve a lot of really talented people as contributors. Editing their work was a huge privilege, and they made it easier and more fun than it had any right to be. If International Tapes has been successful as a platform for discovery, sharing, and learning, then the credit for that, goes largely to them. Sharing music and ideas with these smart people has been, and is, one of my favorite things.

You can’t talk about Intl Tapes, without mentioning the blogging collectives we’ve been a part of. When we joined Altered Zones (RIP) we were definitely one of the smallest players involved. It seemed like we finally had a stage to match our ambition, and it was a lot of fun. Perhaps most importantly, that planted the seeds for what would become AdHoc, which is still going strong online and IRL. Enjoy AdHoc regularly, please.

In closing: a little advice for your digital life

If you care about something, the best thing you can do is to invest time in it.

Listen to what you want. Trends are fabrications and scenes die quicker than you can name them.

Stay in touch with people. At a minimum, email makes it really easy.

Pick a good hosting service and stick with it.

At some point you should be able to listen to this sweet show I did at Newtown Radio with Will ( and Luke (international tapes). Possibly here

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